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OPPORTUNITIES KNOCK, INC. is dedicated to linking At-Risk Youth and Families to programs and supportive services so that they may become self sufficient.



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Opportunities Knocking at the Door, Inc was founded in 2013, with the belief that youth should be provided with equal opportunities despite socio-economic status or background. We serve at-risk youth ages 5-18, that come from challenging situations and unfortunate circumstances where guardians may be single parents, extended family members or entirely absent from the household. A number of the youth we serve are the caregivers for younger siblings, breadwinners for the family, or may be fending for themselves. They often face obstacles such as crime, violence, teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and poverty. As a nonprofit organization we are dedicated to uplifting not only the youth but also the community by educating and empowering young people of all ages.


Our Mission


OK mission is to provide as many resources for at-risk youth and families, by creating opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.


Our Vision


Our vision is a community where at-risk youth and families are empowered to create a better future for themselves through continuing education.


Program Values


                    Empowering                                Trust                                    Respect               


                    Achieving                                Self Esteem                           Transformation


        Community Development                 Faith Development              Character Development




  • To provide at risk youth and families with opportunities for success.

  • To introduce at risk youth to the world outside of their communities.

  • To build trust, respect and improved levels for a better future.

  • To teach youth how to set and achieve their goals and dreams.

  • To empower at-risk youth and families with the assistance neccessary to achieve healthy attitudes of respect for family,  community and law enforcement.

  • To equip our youth with the essentials to become entrepreneurs and less dependent on government assitstance .

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."- MATTHEW 7:7

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